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  Volunteer Opportunities at The Shepherd Place


What gift and/or talent do you or your organization have that you could share with those at The Shepherd Place?

Opportunities for the community to assist the Shelter are as varied as the individual and organizations that assist us in our service to those in need.

Happy,fun, kid-loving volunteers are needed to share one evening and your skills during the house meetings giving the children an activity hour including but not limited to games, stories, help with homework, craft projects etc.

Families and groups are needed to bring dinner for approximately 30 people, but please check with the shelter for available dates.

Volunteers have offered services to the clients ranging from offering rides to church or to various appointments. Others conduct workshops on various topics both one on one or with groups of clients. Also, the Shelter has had individuals come in and paint the walls or clean the carpets or do other work to help maintain the shelter's buildings and grounds.

Community Organizations ranging from service groups such as the Scouts and Youth Groups to the Officers at Dover Air Force Base have had work days at the shelter, or conducted food and clothing drives for its benefit.
Various local businesses often contribute both cash and goods and sometimes work days at the shelter.

We definitely appreciate said efforts and we thank you for considering us. We do make one request before the event is scheduled.... please call the Shelter Manager and discuss it with her; we ask this to avoid duplication of efforts and to spread out the donations of goods and services throughout the year. During the Holiday Season, we are often overwhelmed with donations and good deeds, then during other times of the year, we may have to scramble to find things we need.