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Tasha R. Scott- Shelter Director


Cheryl Best-Wells- Shelter Manager

Ruth Brickhouse - Case Manager

Terra Cale - Residential Staff

Winston Thaw- Residential Staff


Donald Scott- Residential Staff

Theresa Hall- Residential Staff


Staff not pictured :

Nicole Cochrane

Antonio May

William Ellerbee - Residential Staff

Marine Warren -  Maintenance Manager

 Ms. Kay Davidson - morning front desk



The Shepherd Place Board of Directors





Michael Lovett



Vice-President :

Mary Ann Boyle



James B. Moore



Marlyn Barr










Diane Cahall 


Lynn Collins


Dr. Bobby Jones


Cathi Kopera

La'reka Marshall


Curtina Witherspoon


Tricia Stearns

















 Shelter Director:

Tasha R.Scott



Raymond Book, Jr. & Co.       CPA       Audit

Attn: Donna Austin                  734-5826

220 Beiser Blvd.                      734-3474 (fax)

Dover, DE. 19904                    daustin@rfbookcpas.com


Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the shelter at 5:30 PM.

During PY 2013 the board met 11 times.   During CY 2014, the board will meet 12 times. The by-laws of

The Shepherd Place, Inc. do not limit the number of years a board member may serve.

The chief administrative individual of The Shepherd Place, Inc. is the Director, Tasha R. Scott.


Honorary Board of Directors:

Fred Frear

John Grady Esq.

Adam Gelof Esq.

Reverend Thomas A. Flowers

Alexander R. Siegel

Zadoc A. Pool (Bill)